No Escape?

A man being chased by the Guardia Civil opted to throw himself off a cliff on Punta de la Mona near Marina del Este to avoid capture.

LHR Punta de la Mona Marina del EsteAn off-duty officer belonging to the Motril Guardia Civil, post was snorkelling in the area, managed to retrieve him and bring him to the beach, where other officers were waiting to cuff him. However, he still wasn’t keen on the idea and had to be forcibly restrained.
The 46-year-old man was not only trying to avoid arrest for two burglaries in the area but also because he already had an arrested warrant out on him issued by Motril court because he had failed to present himself to the provincial prison to begin a jail sentence.

The Guardia Civil had deployed several units in La Herradura after several burglaries in the village and were searching for this suspect as they had found evidence linking him to two of them.

The police knew that he used buses and taxis to move about so they were keeping an eye on these kinds of public transport and so it was that around 20.30h on the 5th of June, they saw the man in a taxi on Calle Carretera de la Playa in La Herradura.

When they stopped the taxi, the suspect ran off in the direction of Marina del Este, ending up on a street with a dead end – there was only a drop to the sea at the end.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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