Over 40 Cars in Fire

Between 40 and 45 vehicles were affected by a fire in a vehicle workshop (garage) in Andújar, Jaén.

AND Car Workshop Fire JN23The emergency call centre, 112, received an alert around 04.00h in the morning of Saturday the 3rd, reporting a fire in a car repair & paint shop on Calle Tejedores.

The Andújar fire service was despatched to tackled the fire, which had already caused an area of the roof to fall in on top of the vehicles parked below. The Policía Nacional and the Policía Local were also sent to the scene.

The fire was finally put out with the arrival of daylight. Owing to the hour that the fire took place, nobody was hurt as it was not in use and is located on an industrial estate.

The police and fire-service experts are looking into what caused the fire.

(News: Andujar, Jaen, Andalucia)

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