Eleven Warships Visit

Starting from the 30th of this month Motril Port will see eleven Spanish Warships dock to coincide with the Día de las Fuerzas on the 2nd of June.

MOT Naval Open Day at Port 2023The Grupo Anfibio y de Proyección, based at the Naval Base of Rota, will be present with its flagship LHD Juan Carlos I, Landing Craft from Grupo Naval de Playa and the amphibious ships LPD Galicia and LPD Castilla.

The Galicia Class comprise two landing platform dock (LPD) ships in service with the Spanish Navy. Built by Navantia shipyards in  Ferrol, their mission is to carry out amphibious warfare by transporting the bulk of the Infantería de Marina (Marines).

These ships have both a large, helicopter, flight deck and a 885-sq/m well deck for large landing craft, as well as a 1,000-sq/m space for up to 33, main battle tanks.

As for the Juan Carlos I, it is a multi-purpose, amphibious, assault ship/aircraft carrier in the Spanish Navy. Similar in role to many aircraft carriers, the amphibious landing ship has a ski jump for STOVL operations, and is equipped with the Harrier II attack aircraft or the F-35B Lightning II fighters.

The Spanish naval squadron based in Ferrol, 31 Escuadrilla, will send two frigates F102 Almirante Juan de Borbón and F105 Cristobal Colón, which are two of the most modern Spanish naval assets, both armed with the American AEGIS anti-aircraft defence systems.

Three more frigates, F81 Santa María, F82 Victoria and F86 Canarias from the 41 Escuadrilla de Escoltas, based in Rota, will also participate.

Furthermore, there are two minehunters; the M-33 Duero and M-35 Tambre based in Cartagena, forming part of the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 (SNMCMG2).

Finally, there is the BAM P-46 Furor, which is an offshore patrol vessel. This is an ocean-going patrol ship belonging to the Meteoro Class patrol ships. Its keel was laid in 2017 and commission in January 2019.

Onboard those ships with aviation capacity are Harriers and AB212 helicopters belonging to the 3rd Flight and SH60 helicopters belonging to the 5th and 10th Flights. There are also 2,600 personnel between Spanish Marines and naval pilots (crew & ground crew/deckhands).

All of these vessels will have open days on the 31st and 2nd between 10.00h and 20.00h.

Well, that’s enough info to keep you going!

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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