How A Tuna is Filleted

You've probably all seen a butcher's diagram of how a pig, for example, is cut up into specific pieces, but do you know the same for an adult tuna? Read on!

MOT EL Ronqueo TunaNow, if you’re a vegan or just squeamish then obviously, do not read on unless you jump to the end of the article, but for the rest of you, Alcampo supermarket in Motril is putting on a display of tuna preparation by experts in this skill.

The term used for cutting up a fully grown red tuna is El Ronqueo. This word normally means ‘snoring’ in Spanish but it is used here because when the knife runs down the spine it makes a ‘snoring’ sound, apparently.

Anyway, on Thursday the 25th of this month at twelve noon, they will show how these large fish are cut into 24 precise pieces. The experts who will carry this out, by the way, are from Petaca Chico.

Immediately afterwards, the Chef and owner of Espacio IME, Iván Mateo, will put on a cooking show; i.e., will prepare tuna dishes where all those present can sample them.

If you do go, remember to mention you read this on the Gazette online to Ivan 😉

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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