An Unusual Court Sentence

Minors' Judge, Emilio Calatayud, is renowned for handing down novel court sentences in his minors court; his latest involved cleaning up a cemetery.


GRA Spooky CemeteryLast Halloween, a teenage boy and girl, dressed in something suitably horrific for the occasion, met up with their friends on the Camino de Ronda in the centre of Granada.

At one point the girl threw bags of fake blood at the boy as a joke, who reacted violently by punching her in the mouth, splitting her lips.

Well, the incident ended up with the lad standing before Judge Calatayud, who deals with offences carried out by minors between the age of 14 and 17.

The lad, who is a good pupil and is not conflictive (which was taken into account) pleaded guilty, so no hearing was required. The Public Prosecutor had recommended 30 hours community work

Well, the said judge, taking into account that the incident took place on Halloween, sentenced him cleaning up his local cemetery – the lad is from a nearby municipality.

“You won’t be able to bother anybody there (referring to the dead) and you’ll have time to reflect on your behaviour,” the judge informed him. He also ordered him to pay 200 euros in compensation to the victim

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)



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