Booby-Trapped Croquetas

It appears that some warm-hearted soul in Monachil has been putting out croquetas with pins hidden within to kill unwary animals.

GRA Croquetas booby-trapped with pinsWe say, ‘animals,’ because dogs and cats, and perhaps even rats, can fall for these tasty but lethal morsels. Of course, the prime victims are dogs, which tend to wolf something down, unlike cats.

This came to light on Facebook, where a local woman uploaded a photo of one of these booby-trapped croquetas that she had come across, clearly showing the pins inside, on one of the streets in town.

It’s not only a problem for starving strays, but for curious pets on leads, if the owner doesn’t realise what is happening. The consequences could be painful internal damage or even a slow death.

People who do this kind of thing usual use sausages or pieces of meat, rather than croquetas, but the suffering is the same.

These sadistic traps had been placed on Calle Rosa, which runs next to the Urbanización Las Colinas. The area was obviously chosen because it is a popular route for dog walkers.

So far, the authorities have not received a formal complaint about them, although Facebook is heaving with indignation. As for what happens to culprits if they are caught, well, somebody was caught in Jaén in February for doing this and sentenced to seven months imprisonment (suspended).

(News: Monachil, Vega de Granada, Granada, Andalucia)

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  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    May 6, 2023 at 8:02 pm

    Find them . Feed them to the culprits. Moss Potts. !!

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