Brit Arrested for Manslaughter

A British resident of Mijas was arrested over the death of a restaurant bouncer who had tried to break up a fight inside.

The 32-year suspect, who was released pending trial, had his passport confiscated and ordered to sign in every week at the law court in Fuengirola.

The victim, 55-year-old, José Rafael Pisani worked as the Restaurante Olivia’s La Cala, died last weekend shortly after entering a coma.

Both the aggressor and the victim knew each other as they were both personal trainers and because the former was a regular customer at the restaurant.

The incident, which took place just after midnight on the 16th of April, came about when a fight broke out inside the restaurant and the doorman went in to break up the scuffle by restraining the man who was attacking at that moment. However, the accused broke free and punched him on his chin, causing the victim to fall back and strike his head, losing consciousness.

He was rushed to the Hospital Regional were he was placed in the ICU suffering from a head injury. He entered into a coma hours later and died.

(News: Mijas, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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