Stealing The Glory?

Francisco Sánchez-Cantalejo from the Motril PSOE accuses the Mayor, Luisa García Chamorro of claiming a PSOE achievement as one of her own – is nothing sacred?

Mayor Chamorro claimed that her administration had brought down the waiting time for traders to receive money owed to them by the Town Hall from 70 days down to 40.

Why making people wait 40 days to receive payment for their services is considered an achievement is a mystery, especially when the Town Hall slaps a surcharge on citizens if they pay a day late, but never mind.

According to Sr. Sánchez, it was a PSOE/PA coalition administration that reduced it from 300 days down to 45. Yes, 300 days.

“We discovered that the wait for some traders to receive payment had been over 300 days, which anybody can confirm if they look back in press reports from four years ago but we left office having brought it down to 45 days,” he said. He added that in their time running the local administration they had managed to pay off the outstanding debt owed, in most cases, to small business owners who could ill afford a delay of nearly a year.

He concluded, “with one of the highest municipal budgets in the history of Motril, Luisa García Chamorrohas had not improved town cleaning, area maintenance around the municipality and the locals fiesta arrangements have been a disaster.”

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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