Fire in General Hospital

There was a fire yesterday on one of the floors of Granada's main hospital, Hospital Clínico San Cecilio (PTS).

GRA Fire in the PTS MR23The fire began in the Sala de Resonancias (MRI room etc) within the Radio-Diagnosis area. For once it was the fire service that alerted the emergency call centre instead of the opposite way round.

Nobody was injured in the fire, but obviously it interrupted all activity and the affected floor was evacuated owing to the amount of smoke the fire had caused.

The Policía Local said that it was actually the MRI apparatus that caused the fire. After it was put out, normal activity resumed in the Hospital Clínico.

According to the Spokesperson for the Cuerpo de Bomberos de Granada, however, he said that the fire started in an area affecting the X-Ray area but that there was no radioactive leak.

Once the fire was out, the fire personnel set about ventillating the building to remove any smoke. As said above, normal activity soon resumed although the radio-diagnostic room remained closed for the rest of the morning.

Update: it now appears that the  fire was caused during maintenance of the MRI. 

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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