12-Year-Old Falls to his Death

A 12-year-old boy, suffering from a feverish delirium, fell from a 2nd-floor, flat window on Tuesday in Mijas.

AND Child Fever FallThe accident took place on Calle Azucena in Laguna, (Mijas) around 00.50h, which was the time that his parents phoned in the emergency. Although he was rushed to Hospital Materno Infantil doctors were unable to save his life.

The control room despatched the Guardia Civil, Policía Local and an ambulance which rapidly transferred him to the said hospital.

The parents had told the emergency operator that the boy had been suffering from a high fever and that moments before he fell from the balcony, he appeared to be allucinating.

He spent several hours ICU where they tried to stabilise him but he died from his injuries.

(News, Laguna, Mijas, Costa del Sol Malaga, Andalucia)

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