Plastic Bottle Tops Help

All along the coastal towns there are Corazoners Solidarios (heart-shaped containers) for plastic bottle tops and none more so than in Motril.

MOT Bottle Top ChequeIn fact, since 2018, people in Motril have deposited many tonnes of plastic bottle tops, all of which go towards helping 6-year-old Daniel Giráldez, who suffers from cerebral palsy since birth owing to childbirth complications. It costs a considerable amount of money to provide treatment, which is why this kind of donation is essential.

Motril Town Hall and the Ecoruycan Foundation recently handed a cheque with 10,000 euros to the child’s grandmother, Pilar Ordoñez, which will go a long, long way in providing Daniel with what he needs.

“When we began this campaign, the child was hardly a year old. I am a nurse and we knew that my grandson had cerebral palsy, which is complicated but people [their actions] always give you hope,” said Pilar.

She said that you start off hoping that he will be able to walk, be able to use a seat but as time goes on you lower your level of expectation and hope that he will be able to speak so that he can tell you where any pain is and what he feels but in the end your one hope in that he is not in pain and that his body does not become distorted.

She went on to say that the child can’t look after himself, walk, can’t even move about without help, which is why he needs help and attention: therapy, treatments and very expensive operations.

The Mayor, Luisa García Chamorro, urges locals to continue depositing bottle tops as it is very important for Daniel’s family.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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