Violence against Hospital Staff

Several members of staff at Hospital Santa Ana in Motril have been the victims of a group of aggressors in the early hours of Tuesday.

MOT Hospital Santa Ana New AngleThe attacks occurred at the main entrance to the hospital where a group of nearly 40 people had gathered, according to a hospital source.

Apparently one of the group needed medical attention and following an argument two security staff, a nurse and a hospital janitor were slightly injured.

Just after one in the morning a person belonging to a large family was admitted to hospital. A short while after, family members and relatives began to gather at the entrance to the A&E, numbering between 30 and 40 people .

The hospital staff will turn out at the entrance to the A&E Department tomorrow to protest against acts of aggression carried out against them. Taking turns the family members went in to visit the patient until one woman felt faint outside and the demands for a doctor to come out arose, with insults and even death-threats added.

When the nurses came out to attend to the woman, they couldn’t get to her because of the crowds so they told them to make way and give them space, which is when the kicking and shoving started. Despite this they managed to get the woman into the hospital but the crowd surged in as well. A security guard asked them to wait outside and was answered with a punch and a brawl ensued; it was dozens against the two security guards.

At present the Policía Nacional are investigating the incident in order to located the aggressors.

Editorial comment: this is inadmissible and anybody involved should be denied public-health treatment unless in case of an emergency – let them pay for private health care.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

  1 comment for “Violence against Hospital Staff

  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    February 9, 2023 at 6:42 pm

    Let me see. The clue is. Large Family. I guess you don’t mean a family of very fat American sized people. But people who want treatment asap. Don’t wish to obey requests to not crowd. Who over react to one of their own needing treatment. Who feel it’s ok to attack hospital staff. ??
    Sadly we have the same back in the UK. Ambulance staff abused and attacked. Nurses punched to the floor. Doctors the same. Security guards never enough.
    Personally I’d have called the police. Once it became a large crowd issue and hospital staff felt overwhelmed. These people want it always. Treatment and ignore requests to be reasonable. The answer. God knows. Hand the patient over to the family and say. Take him. We refuse to treat while you continue to be unreasonable. Wouldn’t go down to well in the press and media. But then not much fuss is made about staff being attacked.

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