Child Attacked by Dog

A 5-year-old girl, who had been attacked by a rottweiler in Ventas de Huelma, was admitted to the Hospital Materno Infantil in Granada.

GRA Venta de Huelma KennelThe attack, which resulted in the child receiving several bite wounds to the head, occurred near a kennel on Monday afternoon. At present she is recovering on a ward after undergoing surgery.

She was not the only victim of this dog, as a woman was also savaged leaving her seriously injured and hospitalised. This second victim is none other than the owner of the said Rottweiler.

Amazingly, this is not the first time that this animal has attacked people because there was an incident in October last year in Armilla when it set upon a mother and her small daughter. The mother spent several days in the ICU before undergoing surgery because she held shielded her child with her own body from the savagery of the dog.

It was because of this first attack that the dog was being kept in the kennel, awaiting a judicial decision on its fate and that of its owner.

It was just outside the kennel (which also teaches dog handling) when the owner was taking it for a walk (without a muzzle, which is obligatory for this breed of dog) that it went for the little girl and its owner.

Since this latest attack, the dog has been locked up in a pen at the said kennel. The Guardia Civil are investigating the incident, especially, why it was outside the kennel grounds being walked by its owner.

Returning to the attack in October, the animal had been tied with a rope of enough length that allowed it to go out onto the road. The gate was open at the time of the attack. The judge who handled the case decided to shelve it because she considered, “leaving a gate open, which led to this aciago episodio (fateful episode) cannot be considered a case of grave or less grave negligence.”

The claimants’ Lawyer, Manuel Zurita, appealed against this decision before a provincial law court, and as for this latest incident, he considers it, “an aberration that it has happened again, adding, “shelving the case was hasty.”

Editorial comment: the judge should be held  to account.

(News: Ventas de Huelma, Poniente, Granada, Andalucia)

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