Fined & Fooled

The city police in Granada (Policía Local) turned up to hand out fines to badly parked cars and came away with a lot of loose change.

GRA Fine Paid in 1-Euro CoinsThere were six cars parked in a pedestrian area on Calle Maestro Lecuona, in the Barrio Fígares. The officers turned up full of glee and started writing out fines.

The fine, in this case, is 200 euros but there is 50% off if you pay within a stipulated period (pronto pago).

Well, as one of the officers was writing out a fine for a parked car when the owner approached and asked, “Officer, can I pay the fine right now?”

The officer told him he could, but it would have to be in cash as he had no card reader.

The officer was dismayed when the man produced a bag full of one-euro coins to the full amount of 100 euros and said, “you had better start counting.”

The Policía Local later retold the anecdote on their social-media account, admitting that that they had been caught out fair and square but said what was important was that the fine had been paid.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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