They’re After Your Money Again

Yes, it's yet another malignant SMS circulating that invites you to click on a link; you would be foolish to do so, of course.

SPN Phone Down ToiletIts content is: Mensaje 1/1 de RAMON ROMAN -016: ABANCA: Compra aceptada por importe de 986.45 EUR. Si no ha sido usted siga los pasos en este enlace para cancelarla:».

Now, it looks like it’s telling you that you have bought something worth nearly 987 euros and that the purchase has been accepted by your bank. It’s the second line that is the ‘hook’ on this smishing line, though: Si no ha sido usted siga los pasos en este enlace para cancelarla: (If it wasn’t you, follow the steps in this link to cancel it.)

You haven’t made such a purchase so you might be tempted to click on the link — only the lobotomised would do that. No, because you don’t want to end up manning a place on a bank of oars on an Egyptian slave galley for the next 20 years, do you?

Well, Movistar has put out warnings about this nasty little SMS that could pop up in your inbox and recommend ignoring it. Flushing your telephone down the toilet, yet again, is not recommended, nor turning a flamethrower on it, although the latter might kindle some satisfaction via your baser instincts.

You have two options: without opening the SMS, click edit and from there, erase, or alternatively, forward it to somebody you don’t like… Just joking!

Editorial note: ‘Phishing’ is the term for fishing for private details using an email and ‘smishing’ is for doing the same but through an SMS, we believe.

(News: Spain)

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