Paper Maker Makes the Papers

It has been widely reported that Torraspapel will begin an ERTE (temporary layoff) starting on the 8th during 2023 which will affect 295 employees.

MOT TorraspapelTorraspapel has a large, paper-making factory down near Motril Port and has been suffering the adverse effects of high, energy prices and a large increase in raw materials (cellulose), coinciding with a drop in demand.

This factory, which was set up nearly sixty years ago, together with the port, Ron Montero distillery and the refined-petroleum, storage plant (CLH) is the backbone of the local economy.

Torraspapel also has factories in Zaragoza, Leitza (Navarra), Sant Joan Les Fonts (Girona), Almazán (Soria), as well as in Italy and France. Torraspapel employs 2,300 workers in its six factories within Spain, providing a further 12,000 indirect jobs.

When a company applies for an ERTE, the laid off workers receive reduced salaries from the State. The offer accepted by the factory floor is for 160 days spread out over 2023, during which production will be halted when there is no or little demand. In other words, they will not be laid off during a continuous period but just when the factory closes down production when the market is slow.

Editorial comment: The Seaside Gazette can attest to the increase in the cost of paper as the cost of our print run up went up by 25% in one go.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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