Almuñécar Sports Awards

Almuñécar Sports Department held an award ceremony for 2022 yesterday, awarding both individual athletes and sports associations.

ALM Irene Espinola International Handball PlayerCouncillor for Sports, Luis Aragón, pointed out the high level of achievement of local sports men and women in fields ranging from international cycling competitions to handball ones on the same level.

The gala lasted two hours with many video from sports event projected on the back drop of the stage.

Almuñequero Carlos Rodríguez Cano was made Sports Ambassador for his achievements in the world of competition cycling.

Herradureña, Una Stancev, who has won titles both in Spain and abroad in the athletic field of High-Jump, was named Sportswoman of the Year.

In the category of Deportista de Oro Sexitano, international, handball-player, Irene Espínola and Kempo Master, Carlos González Juárez, who is presently the trainer for the Ottawa club in Canada, won the title.

There were several honourable mentions for athletes such as ex-international, handball player, Paula García, Handball referee, María Sánchez and trainer María de Weert.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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