At A Loss for A Title

A man, who had just been released from prison, went to his Ex's house and reportedly stabbed her multiple times when she returned home from work.

GRA Policia Nacional Car and Policewoman 400x250The aggressor knew her normal timetable, so he hid inside the block entrance, waiting for his victim to appear. When she did, he reportedly stabbed her eight times in the back.

The daughters, upon hearing the commotion in the stair well, raced out of the flat and stopped him from stabbing her further. This saved their mother’s life.

This took place around 20.30h on Monday the 19th in Estepona, just as the 42-year-old woman was returning from work. The 48-year-old ex-husband took out a large clasp knife that he had in his clothing and set about her.

When the two daughters appeared and intervened, he saw that his plan had been thwarted by his own daughters, so he fled the scene.

Several Policía-Nacional squad cars were despatched to the address and officers assisted the victim until the ambulance arrived to take her to the nearest hospital. The man hadn’t gone very far and was tracked down some 400 metres from the building, hiding in an irrigation channel. He had cut into one of his own arms so the officers applied a tourniquet to stop him bleeding to death, before taking him to hospital, as well.

The man has a criminal record and four detentions for gender violence (between June 2019 and August 2020) but the court order obliging him to maintain his distance had expired and had not been renewed despite his recent release from prison.

(News: Estepona, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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