Santas on Motorbikes

Your grandchildren probably wonder how Santa manages to cover the whole world on his own, but they needn't because there were over 600 Santas in Granada yesterday.

GRA 600 SantasActually, there were closer to 650 riders, disguised as Santa or his Wife, heading through the centre of the city, repeating a traditional festive parade by local bikers’ clubs, entitled the Papanoelada Motera.

The two, city biker clubs, Alhambra Riders and Granada Bikers took a break from rape, pillage and sneering and turned their scary tattoos to the more benign activity of providing toys and school material – each rider provided a present.

The toys etc will be distributed through several charity organisations and to the Churriana de La Vega Town Hall for children belonging to low-income families.

“We came up with the idea four years ago, realising that was nothing like this going on in Granada, despite there being many motorbike enthusiasts,” explained the Chairman of the Club Alhambra Riders, Manu López, adding that each year the number of participants has grown so they’re pretty happy with the way things are going.

The massive procession set off from Calle Cañaveral at 11.00h and did the following circuit: Calle Arabial, Calle Méndez Núñez, Plaza Albert Einstein, Calle Pedro Antonio, Recogidas, Reyes Católicos, Gran Vía de Colón, Avenida de la Constitución, Avenida de Andalucía, Cruz del Sur, Camino de Ronda, Neptuno, Glorieta de Neptuno and Calle Eudoxia Piriz.

From their they got onto the GR-3303 heading for Churriana de la Vega, moving at a stately speed (jettisoning hostages along the way – just kidding!) and ended in a trading park as the venue for live music, food and a raffle. Even the hostages tortured during the party said that it had been a fun day.

Editorial comment: however, as there is alway somebody who likes to complain, some did precisely that on social media, complaining about the beastly noise on a Sunday morning. The organiser explained that they had all the necessary permits to carry out this charity event. No doubt, the complainers are the same people that come down to the Costa Tropical in August and complain about the noise. Of course it’s noisy; it’s August and the local population has quadrupled!

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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