From the Netherlands to Hell

A young man from the Netherlands who had only been in Estepona a month, allegedly killed his own mother who had come over to help him.

AND Estepona Police StationThe 26-year-old man had been staying with a female friend but had turned violent; so much so that she had decided to sleep in a nearby hotel and contact his mother in the Netherlands.

The mother arrived on the 5th and was taken to the flat where she asked to be left alone with her son. The friend and her boyfriend decided to spend the day out to give the mother and son time to be by themselves and even stayed in a hotel that night.

However, neighbours contacted her to say that her front door had been left ajar, so the couple went to make sure everything was OK.

But OK it was not, because they found the mother dead, apparently beaten and strangled. Her son was nowhere to be seen.

Then there were reports of a man walking nude along the A-7 apparently masturbating, so a patrol was sent out to pick him up and take him to the area hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Only then did they put two and two together and link the two incidents.

The suspect had travelled to Spain from the Netherlands to escape personal problems.

Editorial note: although it is much longer to type up, the Netherlands rather than Holland is probably more correct; the former is correct unless you’re referring to one of the two provinces of the country that are actually called “Holland.” If Scottish people find it annoying to be asked if they are from England, it must be equally so for people from The Netherlands to be asked if they are from Holland.

(News: Estepona, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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