Motril Military Open Day

The Spanish Armed Forces are on manoeuvres in Motril and off the coast and some of the air defence equipment will be on display on the 9th.

MOT Antiaircraft GunThe military exercise, entitled Eagle Eye is a combined services exercise to test “joint military response.” Military units from all three armed forces are testing their aerial defence systems to “intercept, identify and to act in a coordinated manner.”

It should be remembered that Motril has a Spanish Air Force base Escuadrón de Vigilancia Aérea (EVA-9), which has been in existence there for over 50 years. Its role, as its squadron name indicates, is aerial early warning.

Over 300 servicemen are involved in the exercise on the coast over the next week: there will be fighter jets operating out of Málaga Airport and the Navy will provide the frigate Blas de Lezo, which will patrol 50 nautical miles off the coast between the provinces of Málaga and Granada.

The Mayor of Motril is jubilant that the armed forces have chosen Motril (through its EVA-9) saying that it will give everybody a chance to see air, naval and land assets in the area.

Lieutenant-General Francisco González Espresati, who is the Commanding Officer of the Mando Aéreo de Combate del Ejército del Aire and Commanding Officer Operativo Aeroespacial, says that it is an “immense honour” to be in Motril, which has many ties with the Spanish Air Force.

As for the exercise itself, it is a military manoeuvre carried out each year in different locations in the country. The present one, whose objective is to detect faults in the defence system in order to fix them, will be operative until the 10th of November

The Lieutenant-Colonel who commands the Antiaircraft Defence Unit, Alejandro Fresno, considers that it is a great opportunity for citizens to witness how the defensive system operates.

Lt.Colonel Fresno said that anybody who wishes to see some of the military material involved can do so during the Open Day on Wednesday the 9th in the Motril Fair Ground between 10.00h and 19.00h.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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