Dodgy Driving Charges

The Granada municipal police have charged the driver who drove into the Río Genil where it passes through the city with dangerous driving & drink driving.

Car Topples into Rio Genil SP22The police ruled out that he had deliberately driven over the stone embankment after they questioned both the driver and his girlfriend/wife.

They had been investigating whether there was cause to charge him with gender violence, as witnesses had seen them struggling in the car (is that what they call intense physical activity in a vehicle now?).

The police thought that it was possible that the driver had been meaning to kill them both — it is quite a drop,  some six metres or equivalent to two floors.

When it went over the side, it knocked over a brick post and two sections of wrought-iron fence. We reported on the accident in the October paper-edition mag, by the way.

But going back further, in 2018, a couple toppled over into this dry, river course and had to be carried out on stretchers by fire personnel.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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