Salobreña Walks Programme

The Salobreña Councillor for Sports, Manuel Guirado announced that the walks programme would take in almost all of the comarcas in the province.

SAL Hiking Programm OC22Before we go any further, we often use the area term, comarca, in our articles without much explanation so we will remedy that:

A comarca is an area covering several municipalities belonging to the same geographic region within a province.

The province of Granada is divided into ten comarcas:

Alhama de Granada
Costa Tropical
Los Montes
Valle de Lecrín
Vega de Granada

By far the biggest is the Vega de Granada which contains 41 municipalities, whilst the smallest are Baza and the Valle de Lecrín with just eight municipalities in either.

Right! Got it? Good. The councillor explained that there would be eleven walks, beginning with the 16th of this month commencing in Soportujar and ending in Órgiva. That’s 11.5 kms of down hill which is estimated to take walkers about three and a half hours.

Salobreña walkers will be joined by ones from Maracena, Alfacar and Órgiva but no fighting or calling each other names, please. Rumour has it that the Maracena lot are still holding two Belgians hostage from last year because  of a squabble on the bus over the cheese rolls.

The next one is on the 20th of November when the intrepid amongst you will visit the Band Lands de Benalúa;  good walking shoes, a water bottle and light, automatic weapons are recommended. Howlers abstain.

Then comes a trip to Mesa de Fornes, which is near the Pantano de Bermejales on the 18th of December to round off the year, but never fear, as the walks continue…

On the 22nd of January there will be an excursion to Sierra Elvira and on the 19th of February the destination will be Torcal de Antequera, which is cheating because that’s over in the province of Málaga. This is getting too long – different format time!

19th of March: Los Cahorros
23rd of April: Los Guájares
21st of May: Sierra de Huétor
18th of June: Las Albuñuelas water route
23rd of July: night walk yet to be determined, in other words, you’ll be in the dar about it until later.

Each route costs 12 euros per head, which includes the bus there and back, a guide and insurance coverage. If you’re feeling flush, you can get a season purchase for 80 euros. More info: 651 843 752 or

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