Foreigner Stabbed in Granada

A man of a foreign nationality received a knife wound on the Mirador de San Nicolás in the Albaicín, which overlooks the Alhambra from across the river.

GRA Ambulance in the Albacin 400 x 250The incident took place a little before 11.50h yesterday morning, which was when the 061, emergency number received a call. A specialised ambulance with a paramedic onboard was despatched, as well as officers from the Policía Local and Policía Nacional.

The victim had a deep wound to one of his arms which the paramedic immediately applied a compression bandage before taking him to the Hospital Virgen de las Nieves.

In the meantime, officers from the Policía Nacional arrested the alleged, female aggressor and began to investigate the cause of the attack.

Surprisingly, the attack took place in this well known tourist attraction which is virtually always crowded, especially at that time of day on a weekend.

Update 19th: The victim, who was with his family at the time, was a Brazilian man. The attacker was a Spanish woman from the metropolitan area of Granada. There was no apparent motive for the attack – the man just felt a sharp pain in his arm and realised that he had been stabbed. The police soon found her because she had remained at the scene of the attack and was sitting on a step with the kitchen knife concealed in her jacket.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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