Lucky Escape!

A teenage girl fell over the side of a ferry as it was docking but was rescued by a policeman on duty in Almería port, who dived into the water to pull her out.

ALM Ferry Docked in Almeria PortThe ferry had just arrived from Melilla at 21.40h last night and was manoeuvring to dock at the Muelle de Ribera. When the girl fell over the side of the ferry, the policeman knew that he had to act fast and didn’t hesitate to throw himself into the water to reach her.

The teenager was visibly struggling to keep afloat but he managed to reach her and tow her to a life ring that somebody had thrown from the ferry into the water.

In the meantime, a pilot launch had arrived and both of them were pulled onboard and then brought to the dockside. In fact, as soon as the ferry reported the emergency over the radio, Salvamento Marítimo also sent its launch and a helicopter that was returning from a flight and was near the port.

Once the girl was safe and sound on land, she received a quick medical check up by the crew of an ambulance that had arrived, as well. She was taken to the Hospital Universitario Torrecárdenas, accompanied by her parents, for a more detailed check up.

No information is available as how she ended up falling into the water.

(News: Almeria Port, Andalucia)

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