How To Annoy Your Fans

Motril's Summer Fiestas were not going to go down as a success as it was, but Friday's concert (or lack of it) only made things worse.

MOT Keen Levy ConcertNational-level singer, Keen Levy, was due to perform Friday night… well technically, Saturday morning, at 01.00h, as billed. Many fans of the Almería-born artist waited until four in the morning but he didn’t bother to get up onto the stage. He was there you see, but had decided not to perform.

People who had gathered in the municipal fairground, both fans and those who had just turned up for some live music, were far from happy about this. It turns out that Keen Levy was not so keen after all.

The Town Hall assured that this unforeseen cancellation was down to the event organisers for the ‘star.’ However, some thwarted spectators heaped criticism on Mr Keen Levy, putting the blame firmly on him personally.

“He said that for the few people that were waiting for him to begin, he wasn’t going to perform,” was just one of the comments on social media about the performer. “You could see that he was well drunk when he arrived from Granada,” read one comment, and another said that he had been drinking champagne and smoking joints. The general opinion was it was “una absoluta vergüenza.

The singer soon issued a statement, defending himself from these accusations and put it down to “bad organisation,” and assured that “those who have seen me perform know that I always give my best.”

“It wasn’t my fault that, because of bad organisation, I had to go through all this to a point where my professionalism is put in doubt – I am sorry,” he concluded.

According to the Town Hall’s version of what happened, it is not true that the artist was not in “an ideal physical condition” to sing and concluded with, “at no moment did he go up onto the stage so it is not possible that members of the public could have had contact with him to see what he had been drinking or eating before the gig.”

The Town Hall put the blame for the situation on the concert organisers, Badía Beach Club and insist that they return the entrance fee the concert to those who had paid it.

Update: this article was written last night with the information available. This morning it has since been made known that the reason that Keen Levy did not perform was that he had not been paid beforehand, as stipulated in his contract.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

  3 comments for “How To Annoy Your Fans

  1. simon
    August 15, 2022 at 8:52 am

    Good luck with any attempt to get entrance fee refund. Still like many waiting for Motril to refund our Placido Domingo tickets months on. Simon Salobrena.

  2. Warrens Questions
    August 14, 2022 at 7:48 pm

    seems like an occuring theme and hes not as famous as the tyler theres a shit load of local talented musicians who would jump at the chance to perform pissed or not theyd give it their big un to impress the masses and to keep the show goin

    Viva Tropical


  3. Patrick Barry Storey
    August 14, 2022 at 12:01 pm

    Keen or not so keen levy. What an odd moniker. Still I’m sure his Mum loves him. Poor soul. Turned up no Dosh. No play.
    No he did not inhale. !! ??

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