Nevada Shopping Centre Fire

The Granada-city-based fire service was called out to the Nevada Shopping Centre in Armilla to put out a fire in a transformer hut within the centre's parking area.

GRA Nevada Shopping Centre Fire JL22The fire, which was soon dealt with, had already spread to the nearby rubbish containers by the time that the fire service had arrived. Once the fire was smothered (foam is used on electrical installations) the fire crew set about ventilating the parking area.

Nobody was injured although the shopping centre was evacuated as a precautionary measure. Furthermore, shoppers who had vehicles parked in this covered parking area had to wait before they were allowed to enter and retrieve their cars, which was just after midnight.

Although many shops had closed by then, there were still hundreds of people using the restaurants and cinema facilities that Wednesday evening.

(News: Armilla, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Ideal/P.M.)

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