The Count, His Guns & Murders

Around the end of last month there was a double murder involving a Spanish Count, his wife, her female friend, ending in his suicide.

The incident took place in an exclusive area of Madrid (Chamartin) at number 205 on Calle Serrano. Fortunately the 12-year-old daughter was on a trip to Paris at the time of the incident.

Police officers found the three bodies at 10.20h on that Monday, after receiving a call from the janitor who had seen a puddle of blood through one of the windows.

The 44-year-old wife had received a shot to the temple and her 70-year-old friend died from a head wound, too. According to police investigations the elder woman was helping the wife pack in order to leave her husband. His body was found in the kitchen with the firearm lying at his feet.

Being a Spanish noble, his name is extensive, Fernando González de Castejón y Jordán de Urríes. His titles included, the Marqués de Perijá and Conde de Atarés and also held the position of Grande de España.

This 53-year-old man, who had been denounced in 2009 for violence against his own mother and sister and consequency had a court order out against him from approaching them, had quite an arsenal at home, legally owned

But it doesn’t end there because in 2018 he was arrested for beating his wife up although she later withdrew charges against him and went back to live with him.

In their home were paintings of the ex-Spanish dictator, Franco and even Adolf Hitler.

Amongst his firearms were the pistol which was used in the murders, several other side arms, 9mm ammunition, a silencer. He also had a shotgun for hunting, which he took to firing on his property which provoked many formal complaints from his neighbour.

Editorial comment: if the man had been found guilty of violence against his mother and sister and had beaten up his wife on a later occasion, not to mention firing a shotgun at home on a street of houses… what the hell was he doing with a a valid gun licence and weapons at home? The answer is, of course, he was a Count and there still are many high-ranking police officials who share his political bent.

(News: Madrid)

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