Murcian ITV Scam Rumbled

Seventeen employees at an ITV station in Murcia were arrested by the Guardia Civil for official-document forgery.

The police consider that those arrested are responsible for over 1,000 instances of document forgery and 1,800 instances of IT damage (by tampering with the dedicated server for the national ITV network), as well as “belonging to a criminal organisations.”

Those arrested allegedly used a vehicle as a ‘joker’ (in a card deck) to substitute selected vehicles that would otherwise fail the ITV test for brakes and emissions.

The day before the police were to carry out their search of the station all their data files were wiped; i.e. 60,588 files. However, police computer experts managed to recover 1,797 from the hard drives. The police also managed to examine 30,000 inspection forms. Both these inspection files and the recovered computer data files supplied enough information to justify the arrests.

The seized documents contain an elevated number of vehicles that failed their ITV but were then later that same day given an approval stamp when it was impossible for the cited defects to have been remedied in such a short time.

(News: Murcia)

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