Economic EV Recharging

In Tocón, a municipal dependency of Illora, a man decided to recharge his electric car by plugging it into an Endesa transformer hut.

GRA Sneaky RechargingSeveral witnesses saw that the driver had pulled up and got out,  opened the door to the installations and plugged his car in, leaving it recharging several hours.

Consequently, somebody phoned the Policía Local who sent a patrol round to see what was going on. Sure enough, the man, who was an electrician by trade, had hooked his car up to the transfomer fuse box inside.

He had rigged up a coupling system for hooking up this ‘free source’ of electricty and was happily recharging his hybrid car when the police turned up.

The Policía Local handed the man over to the Guardia Civil, who will charge him with energy theft so that he can be brought before a judge.

(News: Tocon, Illora, Poniente, Granada, Andalucia)

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