Fair Says It’s Not Fair

This year the fairground during Corpus Christi in Granada will have fewer attractions, because electricity is too expensive to run them, some claim.

GRA Corpus FairgroundThe attractions owners had a meeting yesterday to see if they were going to switch them on or not, and it seems that  the majority have decided not to fire them up, even though they are in place.

This decision was taken in protest at the price of  electricity that the City Hall will be charging them –  according to some owners, it’s three times the price of that charged during the 2019 Corpus Cristi, which was the last one before Covid struck.

For this reaso, they are demanding a solution to the problem from the City Hall.

“At the Sevilla, Córdoba or Jerez de la Frontera fairs, the City Halls maintained the 2019 prices, but not the Granada City Hall,” explained one attraction owner because Granada has put the rate up from 34 euros per kwh to 220 euros per kwh.

Another beef is that the City Hall, according to this same person, gives a more favourable deal to some attraction owners over others.

It’s not only the attractions machinery that consumes electricity but also the caravans were the fairground workers stay for the duration of the fiestas – one owner claims he received an electricity bill for 600 euros for his.

As for the fairground bars (casetas) the Chairman of the Federación de Caseteros de Granada, Claudio Rodríguez, says that he understands the anger that the attraction owners feel but he doesn’t blame the City Hall, because electricty prices are what they are.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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