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At least four Spanish politicians flew to Pensacola in Florida to join the commemoration in honour of the Spanish general, Bernardo de Gálvez.

AXA macharaviaya Pensacola GalvezNow, in case you didn’t know it, General Gálvez gave the British a good kicking during the American War of Independence and now has at least one American Town named after him.

This Spanish hero (for the Americans) was born in the province of Málaga and ended up as the Viceroy of Nueva España.

You probably won’t find General Gálvez or Almirante Blas de Lezo, who also handed out pastings to the British, in British, school History books; American and Spanish ones, yes, but British ones, probably not.

Anyway, the Mayor of Macharavaiya, Antonio Campos (PSOE) (Gálvez’s birth town) the Chairman of the Málaga Provincial Council, Francisco Salado (PP), the Chairman of the Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa del Sol-Axarquía, José Juan Jiménez (PSOE), who is also the Mayor of La Viñuela, and a further smattering of lesser politicians… all flew out to Florida to join the Mayor of Pensacola, Mr Grover Robinson, for this ceremony.

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The Provincial Council bigwig, Sr. Salado pronounced, “Málaga is an ally of Pensacola and Bernardo de Gálvez unites us forever!” He then went on to push the province of Málaga as a tourist destination. Afterwards he handed the American mayor the provincial flag of Málaga and a silver model of a jábega fishing boat. He pointed out that this kind of boat has been around for 2,500 years, which might have impressed some Americans present as being seriously Jurassic.

The fact is that the Provincial Council of Málaga, has been pushing this historic figure for some years now, as the Hero of the Battle of Pensacola in 1781 as he is a well known figure in American history books owing to his contribution to the American Revolutionary War. In fact he was officially recognised as a Citizen of Honour in 2014 and his portrait hangs in the Capitol in Washington DC. Finally, since 2018 the Malaga flag flies in the town of Pensacola next to an equestrian statue erected in his honour.

Editorial comment: whilst it is indeed good idea to send a Spanish representative to Florida since the Americans take the bother to hold a ceremony in his honour each year, was it really necessary to send a whole flock of politicians on an all-expenses-paid, at taxpayers expense, to the other side of the planet? Just he Mayor of the General’s birth town (Macharavaiya), would have been sufficient, surely?

Oh, and by the way, that’s some serious Rastafarian dreadlocks on the second man from the left… just joking!

(News: Macharavaiya, Axarquía, Malaga, Andalucia)

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