Murder Suspects Arrested

Continuing on from yesterday's articles on the Los Yesos murders, the Guardia Civil have now arrested four suspects.

ECO Guardia Civil OfficersThe police have not ruled out further arrests, whilst the investigation continues. All of the arrested men; two Spaniards and to North-Western Africans (Maghrebis), are residents of Castell de Ferro and are young men.

The Guardia Civil have further released the information that both victims had their throats cut and their bodies dumped at the bottom of a barranco close to the cortijo.

The police continue to consider that the crime is drug related as the male victim had been cultivating hemp and had debts. The other victim, as mentioned in yesterdays afternoon article, was Carmen Jiménez, an ex councillor at the Gualchos-Castell de Ferro Town Hall.

The bodies were eventually discovered soon after the daughter of the male victim reported him missing. Around the same time the victims’ cars were located, one of which had traces of blood in it. Searching the immediate area where the car were parked, the police located the bodies.

(News: Los Yesos, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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