Two Days of Mourning

The Mayor of Moraleda de Zafayona, María del Carmen Cantero, had declared two days of mourning for a British resident found dead on Friday.

GRA PON El Turro Water Channel 400x250The victim, 50-year-old Jeremy, had gone missing on Monday the 4th after setting off on a walk between Moraleda de Zafayona and Cacín – its popular route for keeping healthy. He had last been seen in a shop in Turro.

His friends reported him missing and organised a search on the 6th and the one organised by the Guardia Civil on the 7th, which was when the body was found.

The Guardia Civil had obtained permission from a judge to track his phone, which was how they eventually found him, although the phone was not on him or in the immediate vicinity of the irrigation channel where the body lay.

On the local, foreign facebook community they have asked for anybody who found the phone or comes across it, to hand it in, anonymously if necessary, at the Guardia Civil post, as it obviously has personally memories for the victim’s relatives.

The Guardia Civil are waiting for the autopsy report to establish the cause of death but first indications was that it was an accident. The irrigation channel had very little water in it, however.

Editorial comment: We found a photo of Jeremy on the local facebook group but didn’t want to use it without permission, so we have used a photo of the water channel in El Turro. Our condolences to Maria.

(News: Moraleda de Zafayona, Poniente, Granada, Andalucia)

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