Discount on ITV Cost

This is a carrot and a stick item of news, because it contains both enticement and castigation, the latter we just happened to omit from the title!

AND ITV station 400x250The autorities that run the ITVs point out that there are two problems that can get your car crushed into a – cubic-metre block of scrap… OK, it will only get you a fail, but there’s nothing quite like the smell of smouldering hyperbole on a Sunday-morning breeze.

Whilst you’re recovering from that image, we will tell you that if you take your car in for its next ITV inspection before the obligatory date comes around, you will get a 10% deduction on the cost.

We’re not talking about a couple of days but up to 30 days before. This does not mean that you will lose a month because the next inspection will be adjusted to take this into account.

It’s not 100% clear what they mean by this but it likely means that if you take your car in one month early, the next scheduled inspection will not be until the obligatory period comes around plus one month – you will have to check that one out.

Now back to the two elements on your car that will now be considered fallo grave and no longer just a fallo leve and thus a fail. One is that any problem with the ABS will get a rejection and the other is any fault with a mirror (wing or interior). By fault we mean that it is not properly attached and functional.

(News: Spain)

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