Romanian Pickpockets Arrested

The Policía Nacional arrested three Romanian women in Granada, suspected of stealing an elderly woman's purse.

GRA La Chana Caraterra de MalagaThe three women, aged between 17 and 45, were spotted by an off-duty, female, police offer, just as they allegedly had lifted the purse of a 70-year-old victim, who was waiting to use a zebra crossing.

The suspects, who were not carrying any identification, had 90 euros in cash confiscated, and are pending a fast-track trial.

The incident occurred close to 11.00h yesterday. The sub-inspector had been driving by along the Carretera de Málaga where it passes through the Barrio de La Chana. The officer saw what was happening: the three suspects were standing right up against the victim, who was standing in front of them. One of the suspects openened the woman’s small backpack and removed a purse.

The officer immediately parked her car nearby, observing the three suspects and the victim (unaware of what had happened) entering a supermarket next to the pedestian crossing.The policewoman approached the 76-year-old victim and told her what had just happened.

The officer then located the three suspects in the supermarket and requested backup from a nearby foot patrol via the 061 control room.

As soon as they arrived the women were stopped and searched, which turned up the 90 euros, presumibly from the purse. The suspects were taken to the police station and charged once their identity was established. They were then released pending trial.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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