Los Guájares Road Improvements

The residents of the three Guájares will be pleased as the road to Lecrín Valley from there is to be improved.

The Councillor, José María Villegas, who heads public works and housing for the Provincial Council explained that the improvement work on two bends along the GR-3024 which links the N-323 at the Bernadilla to Lecrín, will be straightened out a little by making the road wider through Los Guájares. Drainage will also be improved.

The work will cost 125,400 euros and will come from the Plan Provincial de Carreteras de la Diputación.

Other work consisting of tarmacking lanes such as the Camino de Mondújar, which leads to Talará, the access road for the school in Talará, the access road to the school in Murchas, and the access road to the Béznar canal.

(News: Los Guájares, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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