The Brick-Red Sierra Nevada

We woke up to a red/orange day yesterday, thanks to the 'calima' caused by the Sahara, and shared photos on social media of how the towns where we live look.

GRA Red Sierra Nevada MR22However, perhaps the most dramatic change brought on by this brick-red visit from North Africa is the Sierra Nevada, which is no longer white, to say the least…

This suspended sand in the atmosphere has a negative side (breathing it in) and a positive one (it contains minerals that are good for the land).

You will have seen more people wearing masks out on the streets again, and it makes sense – those pre-pandemic years when we saw people in India, or the Far East, wearing masks because of the pollution don’t seem so out of place now, especially after two years of covid measures.

Perhaps, even those that think that Bill Gates is trying to turn us into zombies have been using a mask outside because it beats coughing your lungs up thanks to this very fine dust in the air. It’s best to wear a mask outside because it really can be bad for your lungs, especially as this will last (according to weather reports) well into tomorrow as well.

Anyway, there was the ski station thinking that they had all the snow they needed, at last, and they wake up to a Martian version of the Sierra Nevada.

Update/Thursday 17th: Bloody weatherman lied through his teeth! Not a sausage the rest of Wednesday and this morning!

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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