Buy Cheaper But Wait Longer

There's no shortage of gasoline or diesel but there is a demand for the cheapest ,meaning that some gasolineras have long queues.

MOT Al Campo Gasolinera 02 400x250Gasolineras in the City of Granada with the lowest prices are too popular, meaning that you almost spend anything you might save by queueing up with the engine ticking over and then there is the extra fuel consumed driving across town instead of going to your nearest one.

The cheapest place to fill up on the coast, as far as diesel goes, is Al Campo in Motril but that’s probably because it is reportedly lacking additives.

Such is the demand there that reportedly they have had to dedicate members of staff to the task of directing the flow of vehicles to the pumps

One user reported that they had to queue up for nearly 20 minutes in order to fill up and there are also those drivers that decide to be ‘smart’ and enter the courtyard directly from the main road rather than coming round the entrance roundabout next to the side entrance of Al Campo. Yes, fisty cuffs were never far away when somebody tried that one.

But there is no shortage of fuel, just a shortage of patience because the province has 286 gasolineras and all of them have more than enough fuel in their storage tanks.

Anyway, the Al Campo gasolinera was offering Sin Plomo 95 at 1.704 euros per litre, Gasolina 98 at 1.841 and Diesel (A) at 1.589 euros per litre, but that was at the beginning of the weekend – God knows what today will bring.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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