Dig It Up & Replace It

Visitors and residents of Almuñécar will have noticed that they are digging up streets to replace water mains, sewage pipes and other underground infrastructure.

Municipal Workers

Municipal Workers…

Back in the old days, when it actually used to rain… certain streets would disappear under mini lagoons and the rains drains, instead of disposing of them, would spew our raw sewage.

Little by little they have been eliminating the cause of this misfortune by putting rain drains through separate pipes to sewage ones.

The streets still flood of course, at the first hint of rain, but at least we are not confronted by the combined bowel movements of 26,000 Almuñequeros.

Anyway, work has just commenced on Avenida de Europa and the Paseo de Las Flores, which is on the San Cristóbal side of the Peñon del Santo (rock with the cross on it). This means that road traffic is being redirected along detours.

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Another main thoroughfare that is affected is Calle Guadix (near municipal market, which has been cleverly disguised as a crater).

All this shovel swinging, pipe thumping and wolf-whistling will be carried out with a budget of 1.7m euros, which is being paid for by the surcharge levied on your water & rubbish-collection tax.

Editorial comment: Almuñécar seems to be on a permanent mission to dig up streets to renew underground infrastructure and you’re left with the suspicion that it was not long ago when they last did it on the very street that they are busy on at the moment…

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