Lecrín Hill Fire

Clearly visibile from the coast between Motril and Torrenueva Costa, a hill fire above Lecrín has produced a considerable column of smoke.

GRA Lecrin Valley Hill Fire JA22Infoca has committed 36 fire fighters, a mobile field hospital, three fire trucks, and three aircraft (strong winds are not only spreading the fire, but also making flight operations more difficult).

The footsoldiers in this battle against a fanning hillfire have been busy cutting out brush (mainly tamarisk) to form a line to head the fire off

The fire was first reported at 11:20h followed by a steady stream of callers alerting the fire service to the existence of the fire.

So, far, it has not been necessary to carry out any evacuations from cortijos up in that area.

Editorial comment: what sort of imbecile lights a fire in a drought with these strong winds – somebody needs some serious time in a small locked room… just saying!

(News: Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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