Contradictory Reasoning?

On the same day that the Junta announces a booster for over 40s and Covid Certificates into February, the Minister says that further restrictions are needed.

AND Health Committee AguirreThe regional Minister for Health, Jesús Aguirre, said that 50% of Andalusians will catch Omicrón within a month for which reason he says it is pointless tracing people who have been in contact with somebody infected, as “the virus is everywhere.”

He said unlike previous contagion waves, restrictive measure are unnecessary because “the virus is already in your homes, amongst your relatives and friends.” He even admitted that it is not even restricted to the nightlife sector. He finished by saying, “the virus is even within my own ministry.”

He did say that homes for the elderly do require restrictive measures as they are the “weakest link.”

The Minister said that Andalucía stands at having a contagion figure of 1,454 per 100,000 inhabitants following seven consecutive days of decreasing levels – the per 100k figure has dropped 200 points in the last few days. There have been 14,002 new cases and 18 deaths in the same period.

Interestingly, Sr. Aguirre considers that  said parameters are no longer fidodigno (trustworthy) because “the sixth wave is different; it is very contagious with the virus present in the whole society.” He says that there is no longer any relation between cases per 100,000 and deaths, because hospital occupation, ICU occupation and deaths are more objective.

For the above reason he considers that the per-100k figures are causing unnecesary consternation and alarm, which is a baseless fear because a very high percentage of infected people are hardly affected.

Editorial comment: the reason that we have chosen this article header is because of the seeming contradiction: why impose the Covid Certificate if the virus is present everywhere, amongst those vaccinated and those not?

Where is the logic? If you walk into a restaurant fully vaccinated but carrying the virus, you are just as liable to infect somebody else as somebody who has never received a jab. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid coming to the conclusion that the imposition of the C.C. is merely to punish or make it difficult for those that have objected to being vaccinated, or as the French leader said, “a joder los,” and that is not exactly ‘democratic.’ 

Yes, it is not fair that, because somebody for ideological reasons has refused the jab, our hospitals are under a greater workload. But it would be better to hand them the bill for their treatment as retribution rather than put this stress on the hostelry sector.

The fact is that Omicron is carrying out, independent of any governmental initiative, the most complete immunisation programme, far outstripping vaccination campaigns.

(News: Andalucia)


  3 comments for “Contradictory Reasoning?

  1. Darren
    January 15, 2022 at 8:00 pm

    I think the seeming contradiction is because it’s a rapidly-evolving situation and the covid that we were gearing up for before xmas isn’t the covid we currently have.

    Remember, Omicron has only been around since early November last year and we’re only now getting numbers we can trust. It’s massively more infectious (which was a surprise to everyone); but thankfully a lot less lethal. Imagine the infectiousness of Omicron with the lethality of Delta…THAT’s really what the vaccine passports/stringent measures were about because the government would have been crucified if that’s the way it went and they didn’t do anything to anticipate it.

    Also it takes time to mobilise a population, get supplies in place and all the rest. The administration saw this massive wave coming at them and planned for a much worse-case scenario than we’re having. In 2 months. Leaves the government looking a bit panicky, but that’s better than a “meh, it’ll be fine” approach.

    As relatively benign as Omicron is turning out to be, it’s still dangerous. The 28-day death rate across Spain has been creeping up since mid-December and is at 2051 at the time of writing.

    I’m all for giving antivaxers some static. Their basic position is that their freedom is more important than anyone else’s. Sod ’em.

  2. January 15, 2022 at 2:44 pm

    Patrick: very few restaurants and bars ask to see one. I have only been asked once, and that was in a restaurant in Bubión.

  3. Patrick Barry storey
    January 15, 2022 at 12:40 pm

    I do find it odd that I wear a mask in public. Shopping etc. Go to a bar after shopping for beer and tapas. Walk in mask on. Sit down. Take it off. Beer and tapas brought to me by masked bar staff. Yet I can sit maskless at the table no issues. I have shown my covid digital certificate and the bar person just shrugged. Maybe in big towns it is more of a issue.?? When I was last in the UK in October. Masks were a embarrassment in pubs. !!

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