Anti-jab Mum Escapes with Kids

A mother took advantage of her joint-custody arrangement in order to escape with her children, because she did not want them to receive a Covid Jab.

AND Anti-Vax Mother Runs Off with KidsThe woman, resident of Mairena del Aljarafe (Sevilla), reappeared yesterday afternoon and handed over her two children to the law court.

She was arrested immediately, charged with alleged, parental child abduction.

When the father reported the children as missing whilst in their mother’s custody, the Guardia Civil managed to track her down to a Portuguese town.

In fact, Spanish officers went to the street on which the mother and her children were staying, accompanied by Portuguese police officers.

Realising that the game was up, she returned to Spain and her home town to hand over the children, aged 12 and 14, to the judicial authorities, who immediately put them in the care of their father.

It was at the beginning of November when the mother failed to bring the children back to their father, as the joint-custody arrangements stipulated. The reason given was that she was against them having to receive a Covid vacination as corresponds to their age groups.

Consequently, the Juzgado de Familia Número 17 in Sevilla withdrew the joint-custody arrangement and ordered that the children temporarily remain with the father.

(News: Mairena del Aljarafe, Sevilla, Andalucia)

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