Alhama de Granada Car Accident

The Alhama de Granada fire service managed to rescue a young driver whose car had fallen 50 metres down to the bottom of a ravine.

GRA PON Los Tajos de Alhama 400x250The accident occurred yesterday afternoon when the car was travelling along a track known as the Camino de las Chorreras which is close to the town of Alhama de Granada and for reasons unknown the driver lost control and plumeted down the side of a gorge (Los Tajos).

The Camino de las Chorreras is the lane that runs along the top of Los Tajos de Alhama, starting from the Restaurante Ventorro, reaching the town of Alhama de Granada.

Despite the tremendous impact when the car reached the bottom, the 26-year-old driver survived the crash but was trapped in the wreck. In fact, it took over an hour for fire personnel to cut him out of the wrecked car.

He was then flown to the general hospital in Granada in a badly injured state by a medicalised helicopter belonging to the Junta

(News: Alhama de Granada, Poniente, Granada, Andalucia)

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