Helping Hand from Above

Five municipalities within the province, one of which is Vélez Benaudalla, will be getting a helping hand from the Provincial Council on Urban Planning.

COS Velez Benaudalla Panoramic 400x250Granada chose Cáñar, Gójar, Huélago, Las Gabias and Vélez de Benaudalla to be included in their Plan Municipal de Inspección Urbanística (PMIU) as part of its Asistencia a Municipios.

The mayors of these municipalities have already met the Granada bigwig, Juan Antonio Palomino, to learn more about this urban-planning assistance, which takes the form of technical and legal advice to make sure that what is approved by the town halls is correct.

The concept (perhaps) is that small municipalities may not have the expertise to plan efficiently and accurately what can be built and where it can be built within the legal framework set down by the Junta, so now they can count on this provincial department to lend a hand.

The Provincial Council has drawn up urban development plans for a total of 14 municipalities and these five listed above are the first.

Editorial comment: it sounds very alturist but probably has more to do with keeping an eye on small-town councils that might have the tendency to be generous with building licences where cuña’os are concerned.

(News: Velez-Benaudalla, Costa Tropical Granada, Andalucia)

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