Junta PM Hints at Measures

Andalucía registered the highest number of contagions in one day during the whole of the pandemic, which has lead the PM to consider stricter measures.

AND Health Committee 400x250Although the per-100k figure for Andalucía on Monday stood at 841, PM Moreno assured that possible measures would not be so stringent as those imposed in Catalunya; i.e., there would be no curfew.

The inter-territorial committee of regional leaders plus the national PM is planned for Monday the 3rd of January, followed by the meeting of the Health Experts Committee on Tuesday the 4th.

Any extra measure would be decided then and put into force before that following weekend – bear in mind that the traditional Three Kings Parade is on the 5th.

Editorial comment: we shall be publishing the weekly Covid figures later this afternoon, as we do each Tuesday.

(News: Andalucia)

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