Car vs. Lamppost Fight

Somebody tied their car around a lamppost in the centre of Granada and then did a Houdini... very telling!

GRA A car and Lamppost FightThe accident happened around 23.40h Thursday night on the Avenida Fernando de los Ríos in Granada. When the police arrived it was to find the driver… gone and the car in a state that can be best described as ‘groggy.’

Now, there are two reasons where a driver might abandon his or her car after an accident; they are dazed and wandered off, or the vehicle and/or the driver were not fit to be on the road.

Anyway, a quick shufty at the numberplate and a look on their computer – in between games of Candy Crush – the police obtained the address of the vehicle owner. They wanted to have a chat because it had no insurance coverage and no current ITV.

They found him close to his home in the Barrio of Zaidin, on Avenida de Cádiz. The first thing they noticed was that he had visible injuries of the kind associated with a traffic accident, which cleared up who had been driving the vehicle – many people in this situation claim that the car had been stolen.

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Anyway, he readily admitted that he had been behind the wheel when his car danced a tango with the street light. Although his driving licence was in order, there was a warrant out on him and a court summons. They breathalysed him and found that he had been on intimate terms with alcohol.

The first thing that they did, however, was to take him to the nearest medical centre for a check up and then they booked him. Just for failing to report an accident he faces a fine of 200 euros and leaving his car abandoned on a public road would cost him more. Then there’s the lack of ITV, a valid road insurance and above all, common sense.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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