Fake Social Security Letters

Many people have received notification via normal post to say that they should submit their banking details via a webpage, however, it is phishing; i.e., scam.

SPN Fake SS LetterThe letter is supposedly from the Seguridad Social who require this information because, the letter claims, the addresse’s information has been lost owing to a hacker attack on their system.

For this reason the Ministerio de Inclusión, Seguridad Social y Migraciones has sent out an alert via social media, warning people that the letter is not from them and is instead an attempt to fool people into handing over their banking details.

In the said letter the text reads: “Desde la Seguridad Social nos ponemos en contacto con usted porque es necesario que nos envíe la siguiente documentación debido a que la ley que entró en vigor el pasado mes y debido al ataque informático en los sistemas de Hacienda y Seguridad Social muchos de los datos de los ciudadanos se han perdido”

Translation: here at Social Security we are contacting you because it is necessary for you to send the following documents, owing both to the new law that came into effect last month, as well as to a cyber attack against the Tax Office and Social Security online systems that has resulted in a loss of personal data.

The documents that the letters ask for is a photocopy of the victim’s ID card (both sides) and bank extract and how much the victim earnt the previous month. The victim is supposed to forward this information via seguridadsocial.granada@outlook.es. 

Editorial comment: just the email address given (@outlook.es) should send alarm bells ringing but some people will fall for it.

(News: Spain)

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