Fire Restrictions Extended

In a normal year the fire season runs from the 1st of June and ends on the 15th of October, but this year it's still abnormally warm and dry.

ALP Forest Fire InfocaConsequently, the fire restrictions have been extended until the 31st of this month

The conservative regional minister for Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y Desarrollo Sostenible, Carmen Crespo, took the opportunity to tell everybody how wonderful her administration is and how lacking the previous one was, as far as managing Infoca went, at least.

She said that her ministry had put on the job market 437 places for extra Infoca personnel, which compares favourably against the previous administration’s 50 places over four years. She concluded that they had increased the Infoca budget by 4.5% compared with the 3% of the socialist administration.

Editorial comment: the fact of the matter is that Infoca fire fighters are poorly paid compared with fire personnel serving at municipal fire stations. They also have little job security as a large percentage only have contracts until the fire season is over, despite the fact that the most important work that Infoca carries out is preventing forest fires through forest management, roadside-vegetation elimation where roads run past wooded areas, and the maintenance of fire breaks.

It has long been an ignored demand to receive the same pay and work-contract conditions as their municipal, fire-department colleagues, so perhaps a little less crowing about how wonderful the present administration is and how nefarious the previous one was, would be in order.

(News: Andalucia)

  2 comments for “Fire Restrictions Extended

  1. October 25, 2021 at 4:53 pm

    The services of an excellent optician? The regular imbibing of carrot juice? Infrared goggles? The restrictions are more about fire in the monte, etc rather than regularly irrigated land on the vega, which doesn’t mean that burning branches down there is legal at the moment, but rather a certain amount of looking the other way is involved… at a guess. 😉

  2. Lynne Sawyer
    October 25, 2021 at 4:44 pm

    Why have I seen fires all over the Salobreña flats for weeks now?

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