Hashish Haul off Albuñol

The Guardia Civil nobbled 353 kilos of hashish in a narcotics operation, intercepting a craft three miles off Playa de El Pozuelo (Albuñol).

ECO Albuñol Hashish Haul 21OC21The coastal radar/infra red system; the Servicio Integrado de Vigilancia Exterior (SIVE) tracked a suspicious blip on its screens on the night of the 17th of October, some six miles out, due south of the said beach.

They contacted the maritime branch of the Guardia Civil with the coordinates and course of the craft. Around 03.55h and now just three nautical miles off the coast the launch located the RIB, six metres in length powered by a 40hp outboard motor, travelling at a speed of six knots and completely blacked out.

The RIB complied when the launch ordered them to heave to and upon boarding the craft they found three men of Moroccan nationality, but carrying no ID. There were a large quantity of fuel containers.

A closer inspection revealed that 16 of the fuel containers had been modified so that they could be used to transport 350 kilos of hashish between them. There were also three more kilos of hashish in a backpack.

Unsurprisingly, they were immediately arrested and taken to Motril Port with the RIB in tow. It was the Judicial Department of the Almuñécar Guardia Civil post that took charge of the prisoners in order to investigate their identity and who else was behind the shipment.

(News: Albuñol, Costa Tropical, Granada, Anddalucia)

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